We stand by what we say and behind what we do.
We don’t hide behind empty phrases and don’t promise anything we can’t keep – even if that means saying ‘no’ sometimes. For us, being courageous means moving forward, always with our sights firmly set on the goal. We go our own way and know our abilities and strengths. In doing so, we trust in openness and transparency – both internally and externally. Nothing can divert us from this path.


Appreciation is our measure of all things.
We don’t discriminate: equal treatment and respect for each other are the basis of our unique corporate culture. We always stand up for each other – loyally, fairly and empathetically. Anything else is out of place with us. Because the people who work for us are the foundation of our success.


What we promise, we deliver. Always.
This gives our customers the security they value in us, and we as a team the certainty that everyone always does the best possible job. Because we believe that in a time when many people are only interested in making a quick profit and services are often only promised on paper, it is more important than ever to be truly reliable.


With our performance, we ensure that our customers’ buildings and facilities function safely and efficiently. In this way, we create the conditions for the successful everyday working lives of many thousands of people.

Our growth makes sense: we remain successful and independent, can actively shape developments on the market and secure jobs. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

Jan Günzel
Managing Director

Walter Fritz
Managing Director

Our Mission

We go our own way as a successful, medium-sized company.
We are independent of corporate structures and think long-term.
We know that our success depends solely on the people who work for EUBAG.

With us, no one is just a number. Neither employees nor customers. For EUBAG, facility management is a service provided by people for people. Promptness, flexibility and reliability are the most important requirements for our organization.

We have been successful on the market for more than 20 years.


In 1999, EUBAG Operation started as a spin-off of a large IT group. In the beginning, we had only one customer, two properties and a limited field of activity. Over the years, our company has developed into an independent full-service provider in the field of facility management. Today, we manage a large number of commercial properties, various data centers and power plant sites. The focus of our own services has clearly shifted to technical facility management. Maintenance, servicing and repairs in almost all areas of technical facility management are reliably carried out by our own employees. See for yourself.


We don’t call this commitment, but rather a matter of course. We simply want to do our part and help others as best we can.

Monetary donations to charitable institutions are particularly close to our hearts here – but we also like to get active ourselves. We support various environmental and social projects in which our employees themselves play an active role.

You can find more about this in our EUBAG STORIES.