On-Site Support for Data Centres

The uninterrupted operation of a data centre not only depends on the high availability of the IT systems, but also on the trouble-free function of the technical infrastructure. The quality of maintenance services and their reliability have the same priority as the IT systems themselves.

With our service availability at 24 hours on 7 days a week throughout Germany, we guarantee and assure regular electricity supply and emergency power supply and thus keep your IT and telecommunication systems secure. The critical systems of the technical infrastructure in a data centre will be monitored by our telemetry day and night. The operation process is ensured in accordance with ISO 27001.

Our central warehouses in Germany allow us direct access to many supplier systems. We hold our own UPS, battery, 60V and emergency power systems available, and thus we can guarantee an immediate emergency response in case of system failures.

As a service provider, we take over all the central tasks related to the technical and infrastructural systems for highly available data centres and the technical management according to DIN 32 541 and the maintenance and repair according to DIN 31 051.

With our highly qualified electrical engineers and service technicians, we support you in the fields of UPS, 48V (60V) rectifier units, battery systems, emergency power systems, DGUV Regulation 3 checks (electrical safety check to prevent accidents), power network analyses and air conditioning. You benefit from an optimized control of the operational functions, which will result in a reduction of your operating costs!

Further, we plan and calculate all the fields of new constructions, reconstructions and extensions of data centres.

Our technicians are well-trained electrical engineers and data technicians with additional qualifications for various UPS systems, 60V rectifier units, network monitoring systems and emergency power systems.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to show you our professional expertise!


  • General and operational management
  • Planning and project support
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Energy management
  • New constructions and reconstructions
  • Inspection, maintenance, repair
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Own control centre and nationwide operation

Infrastructural Services

  • DGUV Regulation 3 checks for data centres
  • UPS systems AC / DC
  • 60V systems
  • Battery systems
  • Network and battery analysis systems
  • Emergency power systems / leasing of mobile emergency power systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Security and key services
  • Cleaning of the data centre


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Eubag Impressions

Customer whose trust we have already won (References)

QSC AG  plusnet

“With EUBAG acting as an operator of our network node rooms, we succeeded in significantly increasing the availability.”

Thomas Irrgang, Manager Infrastructure, Plusnet GmbH & Co. KG