Flexible Office

Are your personnel your most valuable asset?

If so, your staff will expect to work in an organised and well-functioning office, especially when you have introduced a flexible office concept in your company and the individual employee does no longer feel responsible for his workplace – we will take over this responsibility for you!

You would like to introduce flexible offices in the next future?

Our experienced project team will support you in the planning and realisation of your wishes. Apart from change management, staff trainings, guidelines and manuals, we can also offer you space, neighbourhood and relocation services!

Flexible Office Services

  • Central point of contact for office-related issues
  • Recording and assignment of repair works
  • Management of the flexible workplaces
  • Control of service providers
  • Ordering and distribution of office material
  • Booking of conference rooms
  • Care for the tea kitchens and handling of coffee and tea demands, etc.
  • Key management
  • Help desk
  • Office supply and stationary

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